Méribel & 3 Vallées
from 2nd December 2023 to 21st April 2024.
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3 Vallées Explorer : discover the 3 Vallées

Helping you exploreles 3 Vallées

The 3 Valleys… A vast ski area, extremely vast. With 600km of ski slopes, it’s the largest in the world. So vast, in fact, that the majority of our visitors only visit 20% of it, and only make use of around 10 lifts. Is that through habit or fear of getting lost?

Because there is SO much to discover, from hidden gems to secret pistes and unseen panoramas, and because it’s SO exhilarating to get off the beaten track, let us reveal a new way to discover the 3 Valleys. The ‘3 Vallées Explorer’ is a new, fun, and personalised experience to show you another side of the ski area, according to your mood on the day.

In adventure mode or freestyle mode, let us guide you and help you discover the 3 Valleys, highlighting the points of interest you must not miss. Take your phone and we’ll show you around!

Find Adventurees in all 7 zones


Sunny side

Here, intimate meets grandiose, off the beaten track. Nature reigns here, bathing you in constant sunshine. Easy but stunning runs, unique panoramas: an experience sure to awaken your explorer’s instinct.
Courchevel - Méribel

Iconic descent

A zone accessible to all levels, offering long descents on quality snow, for an unforgettable ski experience throughout the season. In short: great skiing!
Courchevel - Méribel

Forests of fun

Slide into the pine forest at the heart of this hidden playground away from chilly breezes, and lose track of time! The luckiest few may glimpse the local fauna at picnic time or whilst you’re cruising along a fun track through the trees.
Méribel - Menuires

Peaceful pastures

Welcome to this tranquil haven at the heart of the 3 Vallées, unfrequented and with a 360-degree vista. Untouched, typically alpine landscapes invite you to linger on iconic pistes and enjoy an unforgettable secluded picnic.
Méribel - Menuires

White peaks

At the heart of the ski area, this strategic zone is high altitude yet easily accessible, and gives you the impression of being on top of the world. You’ll ski on excellent quality snow, and the efficient ski lifts guarantee you plenty of ski time on the various slopes.
Menuires - Val Thorens

Wild landscapes

A mineral space, where vegetation struggles to grow, and gives way to a gentle but vast landscape.

Bathed in sunlight, this is a spot which offers riders challenges with its significant elevations and always unobstructed views.

Val Thorens - Orelle

Polar panoramas

A lunar destination waiting to be discovered (with the right equipment!) Between 2400m-3000m altitude, get dressed in your warmest gear and head to the North Pole: to the peaks of Val Thorens and Orelle, white as far as the eye can see and where the Alpine panoramas will leave you speechless.

Do you have the soul of an explorer, a gamer, a challenger?

Chose adventure mode! Awaken your inner adventurer! In this mode, the points of interest all remain hidden. You don’t completely know what you’ll find, but once you’re there, validate the points of interest, complete the challenges, go up a level and win prizes! Opt for adventure mode and try to discover the maximum number of zones, points of interest and then enter our prize draw to win goodies!

How does it work?

By validating – “unlocking” – the point of interest in a zone, you unlock all the other points of interest in the area. Use your geolocation to discover nearby points of interest. Reveal as many points of interest as possible to gain points, complete challenges and try to win gifts!

Some challenging ways to discover les 3 Vallées :

  • The 3 Valleys’ longest runs: Discover 5 runs to warm up those thighs and put your cardio to the test. No excuses, we know you’ve been working on your fitness in preparation
  • Sunshine all morning: 11 slopes to ski in the sunshine every morning of your holiday, so you can chill out in the afternoon! (Or take up the next challenge…)
  • Les points extrêmes des 3 Vallées : Atteignez les 3 sommets les plus éloignés des 3 Vallées !
  • End-to-end of the 3 Vallées: Tick off the 3 furthest away points in the 3 Valleys! From the highest peak to the lowest slope (3230m > 1100m), from glaciers to forests, prepare yourself for a voyage between worlds.
  • The wildlife trails: Ski all the slopes with animal names! Test your knowledge of our local species.

We won't reveal everything right now, but you can be sure there’s something for all tastes, all levels and all moods!

Freestyle mode


or adventure?

Freestyle mode

Go out for a wander…

The points of interest in the areas are all revealed. You can validate them yourself as you explore during your stay, (no prizes on offer for this mode, that would be too easy!)

This is a more open way to explore, in complete freedom and according to your mood.

So, are you ready to become a great explorer of the 3 Valleys ski area? Adventure awaits!

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Méribel & 3 Vallées
from 2nd December 2023 to 21st April 2024.
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