Méribel & 3 Vallées
from 2nd December 2023 to 21st April 2024.
Secret spot in Méribel
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Secret spots : Off the beaten track in the 3 Valleys

Just next door in Les 3 Vallées

Enchanted forests

Le Praz & la Tania - Courchevel

The mountainside below Courchevel 1850 is clad in a beautiful pine forest, with winding ski slopes that are protected from the wind and offer good visibility on snowy or cloudy days. What’s more, they’re not inundated by the crowds so if you keep your eyes open, with a little luck you could even spot one of the ‘chevreuils’ that make the forest their home!

We love Jean Blanc run : A classic black piste with excellent snow conditions due to it’s north orientation and minimal traffic. An iconic slope for strong skiers.

Quiet & gentle slopes

Courchevel Moriond

An endless expanse of white peaks, with undulating, wide slopes bordered by pines and crags… Moriond is home to an enchanting landscape which transports you to the WILD, WILD EAST!

We love Chapelets run : At the far eastern end of the 3 Valleys, this piste has exceptional snow and a picturesque forested setting with a view over the impressive ravines of the Dent du Villard… Escape to the wild landcapes of the East!

A romantic escapade

Les Menuires - Saint Martin de Belleville

The ultimate mountain landscape: a panorama of open spaces and ridges overlooking immense snowfields. As far as the eye can see there are white expanses, contoured slopes and rare trees dotted along the river which winds its way below the snow… From Méribel, let yourself glide gently towards St Martin de Belleville or St Marcel, simply enjoying the tranquillity of this meditative mountain vista.

We love Jerusalem run : This south-facing blue run offers a gentle, undulating descent into picturesque St Martin de Belleville.

Glacial exploration

Chavière - Val Thorens

If you are in thrall to high-altitude adventurers, don’t miss your chance to discover the Chavière glacier area in Val Thorens. Observe the moraine from the two successive chairlifts, then arrive at the mountain pass or ‘col’ which feels as though you could be in Chamonix!

At the summit of the Col chairlift, you’ll be able to observe the majestic Chavière glacier. Inspired by the tracks of the freeriders and mountain guides which head into the off-piste, you’ll feel the adrenalin rush of the courageous mountaineer as you pick your line down the Col and Moraine pistes.

Avoiding the crowds

Mont de la Chambre - Val Thorens

As you probably already know, getting to Val Thorens via Les Menuires or Méribel can be quite a bumpy ride. Unless you know the little secret slopes!

And it's on the Mont de la Chambre piste, at the top of Côte Brune, that you'll find yourself gently in the center of Val Thorens: a little-frequented blue run, generous relief, an open, sublime panorama... You're here in peace, away from the crowds and on soft snow!

Be careful not to get too absorbed in this beautiful environment and miss the fork on your left that takes you back to Val Thorens, your primary objective!


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