Méribel & 3 Vallées
from 2nd December 2023 to 21st April 2024.
The longest runs in les 3 Vallees
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The longest runs in Les 3 Vallees

The longest runs in Méribel

piste vallon
The "Combe du vallon" slope and the snowy Meribel valley

Combe du Vallon piste and onwards to Méribel Centre/Méribel-Mottaret

Without contest, this piste is the jewel in Méribel’s crown: a long red run, with its bends and drops, with an incredible panorama over the Tueda Natural Reserve and the valley below. If you continue to Méribel Centre on the Ours piste then the Truite, you have a whole 11km of descent awaiting your turns! A wild voyage with top quality skiing on cold snow, thanks to its northerly aspect. If you have never been to the top of Mont Vallon, now is the time to make amends: a view of the largest glacier in the 3 Valleys, where you can make out its crevasses and seracs. Easily-accessible high-altitude ambience, not to be missed for anything in the world. The piste then gives way to the whole valley below, with the Tueda lake of the natural reserve in the foreground, then over Mottaret, Méribel and all the villages of the valley. Continuing on the Ours blue run you can take a moment to observe the natural environment, with Arolla pines of which some are over 100 years old, and the snow-covered Tueda lake on the right. A gentle descent which gives those legs a break after the Combe du Vallon red run! Upon arrival in Méribel-Mottaret, you join up with the Truite piste: a green run through the forest. Even though it’s a green and you’re a great skier, it’s still a treat for the eyes!

*Access from Méribe-Mottaret: take Plattières > Mont Vallon gondola. From Meribel Center : take the Legends chairlift > Tougnete chairlift > Chatelet charilift > Mont Vallon gondola.*

saulire view
The "Saulire" summit and it's gondola

Mauduit piste on Saulire’s Méribel side

Georges Mauduit, an internationally renowned skier in the 1960s gave his name to this eminent descent: a challenging red run with over 1000m of downhill. It starts at the top of Saulire, with its 360° panorama, and goes all the way to Méribel centre. Take some time to look around at the surrounding peaks and allez, off you go for a red descent on a slope that’s set apart from the others, a real gem when the snow is cold. The piste alternates between steeper and less steep straights, and takes you on a journey through all Méribel’s scenery, even passing an picturesque hidden hamlet.

*Access from Méribel-Mottaret: Pas du Lac gondola. Access from Méribel Center : Saulire Express gondola *

In Les 3 Vallees

saulire slope
The "Combe de Saulire" slope, perfectly groomed!

The Combe de Saulire piste all the way down to Le Praz/Courchevel

This red run is one of the absolute classics of Courchevel for multiple reasons. The run is long, very wide and undulating, a 5-star spot to try out your best carving turns! It begins at the summit of La Saulire, the link between Courchevel and Méribel, and ends at the bottom of the Vizelle gondola. But for an even longer descent, continue down through Courchevel 1850 all the way to Le Praz, via the red run, Brigues. At the start, the mood is very much ‘on top of the world’ with an almost 360° panorama over the Alps: Mont Blanc (4806m), Grande Casse (3855m), La Meije (3984m), Les Ecrins (4102m) etc. Take the time to drink it all in, let your eyes travel between the endless white peaks. The ‘bonus extra’ in this view: when an inversion creeps up the valley and you find yourself looking down on it. A gift from nature. This slope takes us to Courchevel 1850, the most chic of all the French resorts, before winding into the forest between the century-old épicéa pines. An extra special moment on this piste: after recent snow, when these magnificent trees are covered in a white blanket, giving you the impression of being in Lapland or Canada. Another of nature’s gifts!

*Access from Méribel Mottaret: "Pas du Lac" gondola Access from Méribel Center : "Saulire Expres"s gondola *

The start of the "Bouquetin" slope and the famous wooden Ibex

Bouquetin piste in la Masse/Les Menuires

Take this blue run for an accessible and fun… For those who don’t want to do it in one go! 3,2,1… Go! From the top of the famous 3 Valleys peak, La Pointe de la Masse. Taking just 8 minutes to travel 1000m in altitude, the recently updated gondola has made this former wilderness much more accessible, and it has quickly become an unmissable part of the 3 Valleys experience. Whilst you’re up there, check out the terrace: the view is out of this world, and you can discover the names of all the other peaks surrounding you.

After a quick photo with the giant wooden ibex (“bouquetin” in French) in front of the Encombres valley with the Maurienne as a backdrop, you can cruise down the blue Bouquetin piste. It is often in excellent condition thanks to its aspect. Put in your best carving turns and don’t stop until the end! But don’t forget to lift your head and admire the sublime views as well… For a wilder option, finish your descent with the Envers piste which takes you to the edge of this area. Or for a fun option, try the Friendly Natural Park and get to know the local fauna!

*Access from Mérbel-Mottaret: Plattières gondola > Bouquetin chairlift, then descend into Les Menuires, pass the Croisette and continue over to the la Masse gondola.*

cime caron
Skiing in front of the "Cime Caron" high summit

Col de l’Audzin piste from the depart of Cime Caron/Val Thorens

With a starting point at 3200m, this unmissable Val Thorens run offers a steep and technical challenge and a mountain pass. Real adventure skiing with incredible views! It's also a good pretext to go up to one of the iconic 3 Valleys summits: the Cime Caron, at 3200m altitude. You’re in a lunar landscape: no pine trees in sight, let alone a forest. Only mountains, dark cliffs and white slopes. Accessible high altitude exploration, you can’t say no to that. After having started the run with a little trip into the Maurienne valley, we recommend the blue run Gentiane: it is wide with an ideal incline, let your hair down and feel those edges grip!

*Access Méribel-Mottaret: Plattières gondola > Côte Brune chairlift then down to Val Thorens to take the Caron gondola then the Cime Caron cable car.*

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