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Today's weather in Méribel

Weather of the day in Méribel

Sun, wind, snow, cloud... What's the weather forecast for today in Méribel and for the rest of the week? Will it be overcast, foggy, sunny or cloudy? How heavy is the snow, how much precipitation and when was the last snowfall? On this page, track all the weather data and conditions in the resort or on the summits in the morning and afternoon, to help you prepare your day or week in Méribel, the heart of the Alps.

In the weather report below, you'll find today's weather forecasts and conditions:

  • Morning and afternoon weather (forecast, daily temperature...)
  • The wind
  • Average snow cover on Méribel Mottaret's slopes
  • ISO 0 altitude (rain/snow limit)
  • Amount of last snowfall in resort and at altitude
  • Avalanche risk
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What to wear for lower temperatures in the Alps?

What climate can I expect on my ski vacation?

The Alpine region has a very special climate. Although the thermometre shows relatively mild temperatures in the ski resort, the actual temperature can be quite different when skiing in winter in the mountains and at altitude: so dress warmly!

If you're skiing in the morning, on north-facing slopes or in the late afternoon, temperatures can change significantly. If you're afraid of being overdressed, carry a backpack which has room to store excess layers if you get too hot.

Top tips for cold, rain and fog: A three-layer system for the upper body.
  • A breathable first layer: to wick away perspiration when making effort, and to prevent you from feeling cold when you're sitting on/in the lifts. Ideal for downhill skiing is merino wool, offering warmth and breathability.
  • The cosy second layer: to keep your body warm. A fleece or micro-down jacket is perfect, or both for the coldest skiers and depending on your type of ski jacket.
  • The third layer: the ski jacket. It is essential that this is windproof. Wind is always present when you're on the slopes, from the weather (the 'bise', 'foehn', north wind...) and also the wind caused by the speed of the descent when you're hurtling down the Méribel slopes, or the wind on the chairlifts during the ascent.
What to wear if it's cold?

Even if the sky is blue, the average temperature seems mild and the weather forecast seems good, it's essential to dress warmly! The weather changes rapidly in the mountains and the temperature can feel much lower than you expect. At altitude, it is not at all unusual for the temperature to drop below 0 degrees.

A pair of ski pants and thermal leggings are ideal to keep you warm and dry! Real ski socks are more comfortable in ski boots, and will also protect you from sub-zero temperatures.

What to wear on snowy days in Méribel?
Choose a ski jacket with a waterproof membrane, especially as precipitation can sometimes turn to rain in the lower parts of the ski area. At such times, you'll feel much cooler so it's important to cover up properly.
It's below zero degrees, how should I dress my children?

The temperature often feels colder in the mountains, even when the ski is blue. Make sure your kids are comfortable and cosy with warm and waterproof layers. Children are often rolling and playing in the snow, even when they're budding champions! Our top tip for keeping kids warm from morning until afternoon: mittens. Easy to take on and off, and the warmest option for little fingers.

In conclusion, whether it's sunny, foggy, damp or windy, whether temperatures or in the positive or negative (less than 0 degrees), in the Alps we don't mess about: we head out on the slopes covered up and cosy!

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News 2024
The October 24, 2023

News 2024

Sublimating and streamlining the peaks, making the beginners' slopes ever more fun, creating new challenge areas for you to excel in: to continue to surprise you every year during your ski vacation in Meribel, in the heart of the 3 Valleys, we try to offer you small or big novelties every new winter season.
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The October 10, 2023

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Courchevel, a ski paradise for all in the infinite 3 Vallées ski area. A ski area linked to 7 resorts, each with its own special features: from the mountain landscape, with its high-altitude ambience at 3000m, to the spruce forests through which wind the lively pistes. Here, the choice of possibilities is immense, to suit all profiles, levels and desires.
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The October 18, 2023

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On vacation, we're all looking for the perfect vantage point to snap the perfect photo. The one that, in the moment, will make your friends back at the office envious of spending this moment with you. The one that will hang on the wall above your dining table as a souvenir of that fabulous ski vacation in Courchevel. Here's a selection of the most beautiful places on the slopes of Courchevel and in Les 3 Vallées.
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