Méribel & 3 Vallées
from 2nd December 2023 to 21st April 2024.
Les 3 Vallées blue runs
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The 3 Vallées on blue runsfrom Courchevel

In Méribel, you can ski from the start of December until mid-April thanks to the high altitude of the slopes (from 1400m to 2952m altitude) and the aspect makes for quality snow. There’s something for all styles and all levels: in Méribel and the 3 Valleys, over 50% of the pistes are green or blue. And we promise, you won’t be stuck at the base of the resort to ski : exploring the whole 3 Valleys is accessible on blue runs, so you don’t need to be an expert to get to the highest points with their uninterrupted views! No need to set yourself unachievable goals: go from forest skiing in La Tania, to ‘high altitude’ at the end of the Méribel valley and Val Thorens – it’s all possible! Discover our selection of routes in the 3 Valleys on blue runs maximum. Ideal for newbie skiers or just those who like a relaxing ski or ‘balade’ as we say around here.

3 custom routes

Courchevel : From the highest point to the heart of the resorts

Via Saulire, the most well-known junction between the two valleys of Courchevel and Méribel. The highlights: unobstructed views of the surrounding peaks (Vanoise glaciers, the one and only Mont Blanc, a 360° of the Alps…) as well as a great skiing on the blue runs, particularly Creux. Don’t miss the Altiport, the highest in altitude and one of the shortest runways – it’s infamous among pilots! In short, this itinerary is a classic for views and a MUST DO!

Half-day excursion - Easy blue level 3 ski lifts

Saint Martin de Belleville : an authentic alpine trail

An itinerary which reveals the authentic charm of the sunny meadows of St Martin. Make the most of gorgeous, gentle slopes right down to the village of St Martin with its carefully preserved architecture.

Half day – Easy blue route 3 lifts

Val Thorens : Up to 3000m!

Here, our destination is the highest summits of the 3 Valleys, without needing to be an expert skier. Up in this high-altitude domain, the catchwords are: white, glaciers, panoramas, and perhaps a little cold… Let us take you up to the top of the mountain on blue runs!

Day excursion – Blue level 8 lifts - best outside of the school holidays

Snowfront Meribel
Courchevel Moriond
3 vallées route | Marked

Go to Courchevel

  1. Depart from the snowfront in Mottaret, heart of the 3 Valleys. Head up to the summit of La Saulire on the Pas du Lac gondola, but don’t click straight into your skis – take the time to look around: you’ll see the Grande Casse, the highest summit in the Vanoise, as well as the glaciers, with Mont Blanc in the background. On clear days you can also see the peaks of the Maurienne (the Aiguilles d’Arves, for instance) and even further to the Southern Alps and the Ecrins mountains.
  2. Head down the Creux blue run: it’s sublime in the mornings when freshly groomed (it is one of the final runs to be finished on Courchevel’s schedule). The snow stays soft and does not have time to harden – if you get to experience this, the memory will last a lifetime! Stay around this area by taking Marmottes and Chanrossa to appreciate the forest and the valley with its wide slopes down to the Prameruel plateau. It resembles the Dolomites, just without Röstis on the menu!
  3. Take the Aiguille de Fruit chairlift, and look below you to try and spot a ‘mountain chicken’, the Tetras Lyre, our protected bird species. You can see them in the morning or at the end of the afternoon in this zone which is prohibited for skiers.
  4. Head towards the Pralong chair, passing the famous Altiport! You can’t miss it, this attraction draws a lot of Courchevel visitors. At the top of Pralong, head to Suisse chairlift and go up to the top of Vizelle, stopping to take a snap of the sculpture ‘Art au Sommet’ and enjoy the majesty of the Aiguille de Fruit mountain, an iconic Courchevel peak. Then head back in the direction of Méribel.
  5. A gentle ski down on the blue run, Biche, then head towards Méribel’s Altiport and the Renardeau piste: the forest is extensive around here and the Piste des Animaux winds among the immense pines. You’ll spot our local animals created in life sized models, and you can also learn about their distinctive appearance, calls, food and habitat.
  6. For a quick way back, take the Fontany rope lift to return to Méribel Centre on the Forêt piste. Then for a speedy and comfortable return to Méribel-Mottaret, take the Legends chairlift, which is heated and has a cover, then ski down and treat yourself to a hot chocolate!
1 day
Saint Martin de Belleville
3 vallées route | Marked

Go to St Martin

  1. Leaving from Méribel-Mottaret, enjoy a gentle slide down Truite to get to Méribel Centre. This track linking to Meribel from Mottaret is much-appreciated by locals for its sublime setting, among the pine trees!
  2. Legends chairlift: comfortable, heated and with a cover… then take Tougnète chair lift. After riding up to 2437m, take a moment to appreciate the 360° panorama and the uninterrupted view to Mont Blanc!
  3. Descend via Crêtes and onto Jerusalem, which is named in hommage to the victims of World War II who were hidden in barns from the Nazi occupiers by the inhabitants of the Belleville valley. Next take Biolley, which takes you to the village of Saint Martin de Belleville: an idyllic spot which shows the traditional side of the Savoie region. For a lunch spot, try Lodji : the interior is gorgeous and the dishes will delight your tastebuds.
  4. Ride back up to the Tougnète summit between Méribel and Les Menuires on the St Martin 1 gondola then the St Martin Express 2 chairflit. Next take the fun blue run Faon, then the green Perdrix to head gently back down to Méribel-Mottaret.
Val Thorens
3 vallées route | Marked

Go to Val Thorens

  1. Start by taking Combes then Châtelet chairlifts. Make the most of this journey to check out the expert freestylers on the snowpark to your left. You’ll then take Côte Brune chairlift, which will soon be updated to a more modern lift. And here you are at Mont de la Chambre, a junction between the Belleville valley and Val Thorens at 2850m altitude.
  2. Descend on the piste Pluviomètre but don’t miss the track to your left which leads to Val Thorens! The slope snakes through the resort to bring you to the Val Thorens snowfront. Welcome to Val Thorens, international high-altitude resort!
  3. And of course you should make the most of being here to try out some of the runs: Take the Peclet Funitel, not forgetting to admire the Peclet glacier and the mountain ambiance when you get to the top. Take the wonderful blue run Tête Ronde down to Cascades chairlift to take the 2 lifts that will bring you back to the Méribel valley. Did you notice that the pylons are all white? From a distance, it looks as though the chairs are levitating!
  4. Now take the 2 chairlifts Pionniers and 3 Vallées. On this first one, you’ll pass the Folie Douce and on the second, you’ll be impressed by those skiers who dare to try the black run “Goitschel”, it’s not easy!
  5. At the top of Col de la Chambre, you can take the run Lac de la Chambre, it’s a pretty, isolated piste, with curves and rollers, in a protected environment, and is Méribel’s longest blue run. Next you’ll get to the Plan des Mains chairlift, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see the marmots who might poke their noses out of the burrows at the end of March!
  6. From the top of Plan des Mains, head in the direction of Sitelle, a quiet blue piste which makes a gentle run down into Mottaret. Be aware that at the end of the day, returning via the Martre piste is not easy if the snow is hardpacked. Take your time and use the sides of the pistes which often have nicer snow.

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