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Mont Vallon
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Destination Mont Vallon - Alt. 2952mHigh mountain and glacier atmosphere


High altitude atmosphere

At the top of Mont Vallon, you are close to 3000m of altitude. So obviously the atmosphere is high mountain, especially because in front of us, at our feet, stands the biggest glacier of the 3 Valleys: the Gébroulaz glacier - from 2600m to 3500m.

This glacier has been monitored and studied since 1730 and is one of the 5 French glaciers monitored within the framework of Glacioclim / Alps according to an international protocol. So famous!

Up there, take your time and open your eyes wide: the seracs and crevasses in the distance seem to be a hostile scenery while in front of you fly jackdaws with orange beaks, in a big ball or rather looking for the crumbs left by skiers or our teams of ski patrollers. The sound of the gondola then fades into the background and the little cries of these mountain birds take over. The moment is magical.

The hidden spot : with your skis on, 20m after the arrival of the gondola, turn left on a plateau. It does not lead to some slopes but to a sublime panorama on the Borgne glacier, its lake (covered with snow) and its rocky ridges.

Accessible to all, even pedestrians

As is often the case in the high mountains, the blue runs are not in force. However, you don't have to be a great skier to see this beauty: you can go down with the cabin. The 6 minute ride will not be a good excuse to avoid seeing it!

Great skiing

Great skiing From the top of Mont Vallon start 2 red runs which are part of our top 10 of the 3 Vallees unmissable runs: 2 mythical red runs, long, with a sublime view on the Meribel valley and the Tueda nature reserve.

On the ski side, there are 2 mythical black runs and a red one perfect for a nature getaway:

La combe du Vallon : great skiing, quite simply. 1000m of vertical drop, fresh snow almost all the time because the slope is oriented North. The slope is curved, alternates steep passages and flatter passages where you can appreciate the speed before reaching a warmer atmosphere, in the Arolles pines so emblematic of this valley bottom of Meribel. You want a challenge ? Try to go down the Come du Vallon in one go! Campagnol : this slope is a little less mythical but offers great skiing and allows an alternative to its twin when it is crowded during the peak season. After a small path, the trail offers big turns, sustained descents and flatter sections. All this in a very wild, mineral, lunar setting. The end of the descent will be more of a stroll as we join the blue trail of the Lac de la Chambre. The recommended sequence : Start with the Combe du Vallon trail, go back up to Mures Rouges chairlift (take the opportunity to watch the marmots coming out of their hibernation at the end of the season), take the Mont Vallon Gondola and finish in beauty with the Campagnol trail!

Lexicon of Glaciology

4 words to know!

Moraines : A moraine is a pile of rocky debris, eroded and transported by a glacier, around it. The material that comes off the mountain slopes is carried by the glacier and deposited when it melts, usually at the same altitude, resulting in a rock pile. On the Gébroulaz glacier, the moraines are more visible at the end of the season or in summer when the snow has retreated and only the ice remains.

Nevee : A nevee is a snow accumulation that can last below the limit of eternal snow and this even during part of the summer.

Seracs : A serac is a large block of ice formed by the fracturing of a glacier. This fracturing is linked to a break in the slope of the underlying rock or to the presence of a cliff.

Crevasse : A crevasse is a natural opening on the surface of a glacier when it is advancing and facing a fairly steep slope. It is a crack, a hole in the surface of the glacier.

Seracs and crevasses are to be avoided if you are lucky enough to be able to offer yourself a ski trip on the glacier, accompanied by a high mountain guide. The experience is incredible and the memories will last a lifetime!

Saulire / Vizelle
Mont Vallon
3 vallées route | Marked

Mont Vallon - red run

From the summit Saulire / Vizelle : take the slopes that lead to Mottaret then Combes chairlift then Chatelet chairlift. At the top, you switch to the foot of Mont Vallon to take the gondola of the same name.

Vizelle / Saulire
Mont Vallon
3 vallées route | Marked

Mont Vallon - Blue run

From the top of Vizelle / Saulire : blue slope “biche" then "Marmotte" and "Doron" to La Chaudanne (Méribel Centre). Take the Legend chairlift then ski to Mottaret. Take the Combes chairlift then the Chatelet chairlift. At the top, we switch to the foot of the Mont Vallon to take the gondola of the same name.

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Challenging Black runs
The October 24, 2023

Challenging Black runs

Courchevel is far from being a beginners-only resor - quite the opposite, in fact! Although the runs into the villages are relatively gentle, the mountains rise steeply slightly further up. And it’s Courchevel that is home to the highest number of black runs in the 3 Valleys (12 in total) - to the great delight of thrill-seeking skiers and snowboarders!
Destination Cime Caron
The October 6, 2023

Destination Cime Caron

The 2nd highest summit of the 3 Vallées, La Cime Caron is a classic of the ski area. 1000 alpine summits can be admired from this summit, from Italy to Switzerland and up to the Southern Alps, all in a very mineral atmosphere. Another specificity: its ski lift, perched in the air. It is also one of the connection points with the Orelle resort, one of the 7 resorts that make up the 3 Vallées ski area.
Les 3 Vallées blue runs
The October 18, 2023

Les 3 Vallées blue runs

Intermediate skiers, welcome to your paradise: Méibel and the 3 Valleys ski area is rich, varied and suitable for all levels.
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