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Why learning to skiin Courchevel is a good idea


free access
Free ski lift access for all

Progress without spending a cent on your ski pass: it's possible!

7 free ski lifts scattered around the lower reaches of the Méribel and Méribel Mottaret ski areas are at your disposal, so you can start skiing without pressure or worrying about the return on your ski pass...

So no excuses, just slip on your ski boots or snow boots, pull your hat over your ears and strap on your skis with the certainty that you're going to make it - just like everyone else!

These lifts provide access to secure ski areas where you can learn to ski with complete peace of mind:

Nets protect the area and prevent skiers on the slopes from infiltrating your learning zone. The slope is gentle, so you're less likely to pick up speed The area is wide, so you can take your time learning to make turns, snowplough, etc. These zones often end up on the flat; if you pick up speed and don't know how to stop, you're bound to end up on the flat. The snow here is softer than elsewhere: these beginners' areas are groomed every night by our groomers, so you can progress on soft, delicate snow!


No hurry : begin step by step !

Already got the basic snowplough sorted? Access the green and blue runs in Méribel for your first real descents with our special MINIPASS. A smaller ski area means a reduced price lift pass whilst you build confidence. Learn more about this minipass


Because skiing is fun and should remain so

No need to be a child to have fun on your skis: in Courchevel and the 3 Valleys, we have created blue and green activity pistes to help the young-at-heart enjoy sliding into parallel worlds! The Yeti Park, travel to the Himalayas / Follow the tracks of Yooni the Yeti! Bang the gongs with your ski poles, bend your knees and duck into the speaking tunnels and push on that downhill ski to take the loop like a pro!

The Inuit piste Fish for sweets, play music on animal skin instruments, enjoy a hot chocolate with our friend Penguin…

La piste des Inuits pêche aux bonbons, musique sur des peaux de bêtes, chocolat chaud avec notre ami Pingouin…

And on the neighbour valley of Courchevel :

The Canyon de Yepa, home of our Indian brave Head under the chief’s giant head dress, slide on the spirits of nature... An immersive ski experience! The Family Park, world of the Incas THE snowpark dedicated to families in the 3 Valleys: a mini boardercross, snow tunnel, small boxes, little jumps… The Incas will help you discover the world of freestyle in safety.


Easy departures from your accommodation and by gondola

Kick off your slippers, clip up your boots and walk out onto the snow…

No need to spend hours travelling on public transport, make it a really relaxing break and take time away from your normal routine – in Méribel - Mottaret all the village resorts have their own ‘snowfront’ where you can get straight on the lifts.

And for optimal comfort, especially for families, our gondolas take you straight to the top. Gondolas are perfect for little ones to rest and snack between blue runs, to be ready and re-energised to spread their wings and fly off on their next adventure!


This is the benchmark area for young skiers, a real gem. The many green and blue runs are wide, you can ski in the forest, and the sun shines from 10 a.m. to at least 4 p.m. It's simply a magical spot!


Located at the top of the ski area, this little-frequented blue trail lets you put your latest skiing skills to the test on its 5 turns - skiing, yes, but in a fun way!

Lac de la Chambre

The upper reaches of the ski area are also accessible to little skiers! From the summit at 2850m, take a deep breath and enjoy the sublime panorama, before taking the Lac de la Chambre piste: a long, wide blue run that takes you to the Plan des Mains plateau, where you can enjoy the view. If you go further, you can even reach the resort of Méribel Centre in one continuous descent, via the piste de l'Ours. With a well-deserved break in the middle at the Plan des Mains restaurant to pat yourself on the back!

Our advice for a safe start to skiing

we were all beginner skiers

Don't be afraid of falling

We've all fallen. And we don't all learn at the same speed: some are more gifted, others less so. No problem, we're all different, and in this sport, we take the time to learn, we're patient and we don't give up! Why? Because it's so exhilarating. Because it's so exhilarating afterwards, to pick up a bit of speed, to turn your skis parallel, to see the mountain panoramas flash by above your skis or snowboard... Come on, cheer up, you're going to do it and love it!
Reason n°2

Take a ski course

it's like anything else: yes, you can do it on your own, but with the right professional advice, you'll get the hang of it faster, and you'll learn the right techniques right away. Whether you're taking a solo/individual course or a group class, whether you're starting from scratch or just getting back into the swing of things, with piou-pious for your children, depending on your desire and/or your budget, don't hesitate to surround yourself with instructors so that you can begin the activity and then fly on your own, having acquired a solid foundation!
Reason n°3

Ski in the morning

rather in the morning, but not at dawn. The slopes will still be groomed, smooth and free of tracks and bumps. Avoid the end of the day, when the snow tends to tighten up and make skiing more complicated. Choose times when the sun is shining - it's more pleasant, especially for snack breaks!

Reason n°4

Pay attention to your equipment

Leave without poles - you'll have LOTS of time to walk around with them!

As a beginner skier, they'll be more of a nuisance than anything else, and you won't know where to put them or what to do with them.

Rent equipment adapted to your level. The ski rental company won't judge you if you're new to the activity, and the equipment will be much more suitable for you to progress quickly. Skis and snowboards will be more forgiving of mistakes, and softer boots or boots will only hurt your feet less. So really, don't be shy - take your beginner's equipment with pride!

Take a water bottle with a little water or tea, and a small snack: skiing is a sport, and you can quickly feel dehydrated and need a little booster!

Reason n°5

A few basic tips for safe skiing

Wear a helmet. Not compulsory, but ESSENTIAL. For everyone: adults, children, grandmothers, dogs, cats... Wear it!

Don't stop in the middle of a run, or behind a bump. Choose the sides and stay visible to everyone. Give priority to the skier below you. Avoid cutting into their trajectories and respect their speed.

And don't forget to take out insurance: if it's not covered by your credit card, we advise you to take out our daily insurance option. In the event of an accident, we can reimburse your ski pass and rescue services. And it works for skiing, snowboarding and even tobogganing!


practical information

Best day with your kids
The October 10, 2023

Best day with your kids

Too tough? Too cold? Not fun enough? In Les 3 Vallees, we strive to make sure your children will love their mountain holiday and won’t leave with these common preconceptions about skiing! Fun, interactive slopes, activity ideas, cosy spots for break, ways to have fun with or without your skis… We have something for everyone, from teeny tot to wild child (and we haven’t forgotten the grown-ups!)
Les 3 Vallées blue runs
The October 18, 2023

Les 3 Vallées blue runs

Intermediate skiers, welcome to your paradise: Méibel and the 3 Valleys ski area is rich, varied and suitable for all levels.
Skiing advices
The October 10, 2023

Skiing advices

Courchevel, a ski paradise for all in the infinite 3 Vallées ski area. A ski area linked to 7 resorts, each with its own special features: from the mountain landscape, with its high-altitude ambience at 3000m, to the spruce forests through which wind the lively pistes. Here, the choice of possibilities is immense, to suit all profiles, levels and desires.
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