Méribel & 3 Vallées
from 2nd December 2023 to 21st April 2024.
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6 top tips to make the most of your family ski trip !


From Mont de la Chambre to la Chaudanne

The experience starts with a stunning panorama which includes the highest mountain in Europe: Mont Blanc…

Take in the air from these lofty heights – we’re at 2850m above sea level – but don’t worry, just because we’re at a high altitude, we don’t need to be a mountaineer to get down.

We’re going to descend more than 1500m on a blue/green run!

Don't miss
  • Pause on the Plan des Mains : For a hot chocolate or a little cake. Go on, you’re on holiday and the cold will burn off the calories!
  • The "Ours" Slope : Wooden sculptures of the local fauna, sensory activities, picnic in the middle of the largest Arolla pine forest in the Alps… The secrets of the local species will be revealed in this magical, preserved environment – the National Natural Reserve of Tueda. Surrounded by black grouse, wild hares, golden eagles and ancient Arolla pine trees, skiing this gently winding path is a peaceful return to nature and will recharge your family’s batteries during your ski holiday!

Guive our friend Yooni the Yeti a cuddle

A little softness in this icy world!

He’s fat, he’s hairy, he growls… But he wouldn’t hurt a fly! He’s our friend Yooni, the charming Yeti who resides at the Yeti Park in Méribel Mottaret!

*How to get there : With the comfy Combes chailrift *

Don't miss
  • Meeting Yooni, of course: Find Yooni on the pistes or during the toboggan evenings on Thursdays during the school holidays.
  • The secret grotto: A kind of igloo in stone, where you can hear Yooni’s story in English and in French! That’s right, Yooni’s been having language lessons this summer!
  • The illustrated story of Yooni: Home-made, full of love and on sale at the Yeti Shop. Perfect as a souvenir of your Meribel holiday, or as a gift for nieces, nephews, cousins…


On the Inuits piste

Discover the frozen North in the heart of the forest near the Altiport. Try a family slalom between the obstacles and animals of the Arctic tundra, and take a welcome break in the Inuit village, where fun polar activities are awaiting your arrival!

How to get there: With the Saulire or Rhodos Gondola !

Don't miss
  • The eagle show : An impressive eagle display is taking place on Thursday 27th December and 21st and 28th February.
  • Ice sculptures : Frozen forms which come to life, building up and melting away according to the weather – ephemeral polar art!

Go to Courchevel with your children

Become a Formula 1 Pilot

Try the famous toboggan run "Moriond Racing"

3km of track to put your pilot instincts to the test.

Negotiate Grand Prix hairpin bends, release your brakes on the straights, whizz through the 8 tunnels, try to stay on course around the carousel and zig-zag on the double snake! Test out this legendary circuit with family or friends - get your race on and make some fantastic memories… Cross the finish line in your racing car with a huge smile on your face!

Don't miss...

  • The 8 tunnels : Aim straight, try to slide up the walls, listen for the echoes of your whoops, jump out on your friends at the end, be surprised by the lights and sounds – there are plenty of ways to amuse yourself in the tunnels!

  • The flash photo Get a free snapshot of yourself as a Formula 1 toboggan pilot! Will you be concentrating seriously or laughing wildly as you overtake your friends? Collect your photo from the machine at the bottom of the track.

  • Floodlit racing Take it to another level: nighttime sledging on the floodlit track with a stunning view of the village lights around the mountains. An unmissable experience, especially magical at Christmas time!

How to get there : With the Ariondaz gondola, departing from Courchevel Moriond 1650 ! More information about Moriond Racing.

Defy the snow gods

At the Family Park, the snowpark for families!

Think you know the Family Park? Well, you can forget what you know because this year you’ll find yourself in another world – the world of the INCAS!

Worship at the throne of the snow gods and check out the new mountain slalom, Inca figures and enjoy your favourite mini jumps, mini boxes and the famous boardercross!

Don't miss...

  • The boardercross A designated area with raised turns and whoops to make everyone smile, from the littlest to the biggest skiers!
  • The wooden totem pole The Ancient Inca spirits are watching over us all!
  • ‘Le Kioske’ A cosy little wooden chalet, open all day for picnics!

How to get there : With the Verdons gondolas, starting from Courchevel 1850 !

Adventures in the magical forest

La Tania's fairyland

Skiing in the forest, protected from the weather… The ski area of La Tania is a hidden gem, a ski paradise with quiet slopes which area ideal for family skiing!

Don't miss...

  • The ladybird and her friend the giraffe Previously living happily at the Family Park, the two friends took fright when the Incas arrived, running away to take shelter in a calmer environment Even though our poor ladybird caught a cold and changed colour, they’re very happy in their new home on the nursery slope Mon Tania.
  • The long green run Plan Fontaine Snaking through the forest, there’s lots of fun to be had cutting the corners and playing on the bumps at the sides!
  • The Folyères piste A magical blue run, especially when the pine trees are frosted with snow – you’ll have the impression of skiing on the wild side, off for a big adventure… If you’ve never been on a detour to La Tania this way, you’re going to love it!

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Les 3 Vallées blue runs
The October 18, 2023

Les 3 Vallées blue runs

Intermediate skiers, welcome to your paradise: Méibel and the 3 Valleys ski area is rich, varied and suitable for all levels.
Best day with your kids
The October 10, 2023

Best day with your kids

Too tough? Too cold? Not fun enough? In Les 3 Vallees, we strive to make sure your children will love their mountain holiday and won’t leave with these common preconceptions about skiing! Fun, interactive slopes, activity ideas, cosy spots for break, ways to have fun with or without your skis… We have something for everyone, from teeny tot to wild child (and we haven’t forgotten the grown-ups!)
Start skiing in Meribel
The October 18, 2023

Start skiing in Meribel

Little skiers, we’re not forgetting you ! Just because you’re skiing in the largest ski area in the world, the 3 Valleys, doesn’t mean that it’s only for experts… Quite the opposite! With free lifts, separate beginner zones, a lift pass especially for beginners, activity pistes to making learning fun… It’s all there to help you learn at your own pace, stress-free, so that you can have a really great holiday just like the grown-ups!
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