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Skiing in april
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Skiing in april Slow mode in Meribel



Think ‘light’ in every sense of the word: without a bulky ski jacket to restrain your movements; without being rushed, without pressure - the slopes are less crowded than in peak season so you can even find pistes that are still nicely groomed at midday. The days are getting longer and longer, and so are the ski lift opening times (until 5 pm), so you can take as much time as you like and stop rushing from one place to another!

Let us share our wisdom:

  • We enjoy skiing in the morning, especially on higher slopes when the pistes are perfectly groomed. With 85% of the area above 1800m, there’s plenty of high-altitude skiing to explore in the 3 Valleys.
  • We suggest these areas: Cime Carron, Mont Vallon, Orelle for white mountaintops and a high-altitude atmosphere.
  • Take a backpack with water, sun cream and sunglasses for the lunchtime terrace. Don’t forget to save some space to shed a layer in case you get a little too warm!

Nos conseils

  • On profite du ski le matin, quand les pistes sont parfaitement damées et de préférence sur les hauteurs. Avec 85% du domaine au-dessus de 1800m, on n’hésite surtout pas à partir à la découverte des 3 Vallées.
  • Les secteurs suggérés : La Cime Caron à Val Thorens, Le Mont Vallon à Méribel, La Saulire versant Courchevel ou Orelle pour le grand blanc et cette ambiance d’altitude.
  • Prendre un sac avec de l’eau, de la crème et des lunettes de soleil pour la terrasse du midi. Avec de la place, c’est mieux, pour pouvoir vous délester de vos couches un peu trop chaudes si vous avez mal prévu votre coup.



Skiing? Well of course, but that’s not all we have to offer! Take the time to really chill out, rest and enjoy looking at what is going on around you. Snow on the peaks and blossoming trees in the valleys. It's quite a contrast, but how nice is it to take off your ski boots and be able to walk around barefoot on your terrace, reading quietly in the sun with the chirping of birds in the background...? What are our top tips?

Soaking up the sun and the views:

  • The terrace of the Plan des Mains restaurant: sheltered from the wind, on this sunny plateau, facing Mont Vallon ... And let yourself be seduced by the giant dessert buffet ;)
  • The 1928 terrace at the Col de la Loze, with an incredible view of the valleys of Courchevel and Méribel

To have even more choice, find our selection of sunny terraces in Méribel and in the 3 Valleys.

Bubble, swim, bathe

  • At the Méribel Olympic Center, with its swimming pool or Spa
  • All the other hotel spas: there's something for everyone, you're bound to find what you're looking for!


snowboarding in courchevel
Easy ride in Méribel

Low impact!

Soft snow is actually a real benefit when learning to ski. The impact during a fall is softer, much better than on ice. So yes, put on a light jacket and gloves and head to one of the many areas dedicated to learning: wide, separated slopes, with gentle gradients and dedicated lifts for beginners.

ski de rando à Méribel en avril



Whether it’s with your heels released, two feet attached, uphill, around crevasses, surprising the local chamois or seeing the mountains from the air. Is it time to venture into a new discipline? Our 3 activities to take the plunge:

Ski touring Spring is the best time to try the ‘skinning’ experience: the risk of avalanche is usually around 2/5, snow that "décailles" as we say (softens on the surface) and which is therefore more easy to ski than deep powder snow… Why not have a go at ski touring! Since zero danger is non-existent in the mountains, treat yourself to an instructor or a guide for the day – you could even go and see the crevasses of the Gebroulaz glacier!

Would you like to try it? Discover our article on ski touring itineraries: marked and groomed for perfect initiations or rather wild and in nature, accompanied by a professional, you have once again the choice!

Snowboarding - and why not ?

Unless you're a total natural at snowsports, when you learn, you WILL fall! It happens in skiing and snowboarding alike… So, if you have always hesitated but never quite found a good time to start, launch yourself into snowboarding on the easy slopes in April! The soft snow makes it much easier to turn, with no nasty surprises from catching an edge on a patch of ice: it's THE perfect time to take on this challenge!


Let your skis slide downhill to inflate the wing and hey presto, your feet are no longer touching the ground! The wind whistles in the lines, your eyes are wide open to take in the sublime view, your heart is soaring. All this white snow way below your skis! Treat yourself to a tandem paragliding flight at least once in your life – and flying in the mountains where the notion of gaining height takes on its full meaning is the very best place to experience it.

And don't forget:

  • Great value prices, with 10% discount on ski passes
  • Fabulous events: The Folie Douce Festival features big names in electronic music; or Winter Legacy...

practical information

Mountain restaurants in Meribel
The October 24, 2023

Mountain restaurants in Meribel

Skiing all day… you can’t beat it. But we also know that a little break between pistes, on a sun-soaked terrace, is good for the soul. After a morning on the slopes, it’s soooo good to sit back and relax in a sunny spot with a breath-taking panorama and even more special when you are anticipating a delicious lunch!
Start skiing in Meribel
The October 18, 2023

Start skiing in Meribel

Little skiers, we’re not forgetting you ! Just because you’re skiing in the largest ski area in the world, the 3 Valleys, doesn’t mean that it’s only for experts… Quite the opposite! With free lifts, separate beginner zones, a lift pass especially for beginners, activity pistes to making learning fun… It’s all there to help you learn at your own pace, stress-free, so that you can have a really great holiday just like the grown-ups!
Ski fun in les 3 Vallées
The October 11, 2023

Ski fun in les 3 Vallées

Because skiing is first and foremost a pleasure, especially for children, we're developing themed slopes in the Courchevel ski area, so that even when they're just learning to ski, they can still have the time of their lives. Head for the playful slopes and magical worlds that will delight your little ones!
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